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Force12 Networks designs, deploys, owns and operates in-venue, multi-operator 3G / 4G LTE networks, completely satisfying users' mobile connectivity needs, while simultaneously upgrading venue digital capabilities.


We strike agreements with venues

Force12 establishes long-term, exclusive agreements with property owners and tenants to deploy and operate multi-operator in-venue mobile networks at zero cost to them.

We assess needs, then design, invest in and deploy robust solutions

Our process consists of three steps: First, we meet building managers and tenants, and also conduct interviews with a sample of mobile users to understand their expectations and requirements for service. We then thoroughly assess the current level of service throughout the venue using telco standard signal measurement equipment and methodologies. In some cases this assessment process identifies not only the need for improved mobile service, but also ancillary needs for secure, high capacity WiFi networks, additional dark fiber capacity or increased electric power distribution which we can satisfy. Second, we create a detailed engineering and architecture design and budget, along with a project plan for deployment, all of which we share with venue managers and partner mobile network operators. Third, we deploy, test, and commission the Force12 in-venue mobile network applying industry best practices while minimizing disruptions to daily operations in the venue.

          Assess - Design - Deploy

          Assess - Design - Deploy

We operate, maintain and upgrade

Force12 Networks operates, remotely monitors, maintains and continually upgrades its in-venue systems to ensure their connectivity and availability according to stringent service level agreements with our partner venue owners and mobile network operators. During ongoing operations, much of our work is carried out from our state-of-the-art network operations center where Force12 engineers work 24/7 to to optimize in-venue network performance, prevent downtime and address any network security threats before they arise.

In-venue mobile network technology is rapidly advancing, so we invest in upgrades and improvements to our systems on an ongoing basis to ensure the best available mobile coverage and capacity for each venue.