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By partnering with Force12, mobile network operators, venue owners and tenants completely satisfy their in-venue mobile coverage and capacity needs while avoiding the associated capital cost and complexity.


Mobile network operator benefits

  • Avoid 100% of high cost CAPEX associated with your own in-venue deployment by using Force12 Networks' systems.

  • Increase mobile traffic and consequently your service revenue thanks to improved coverage and capacity in high traffic locations.

  • Reduce churn thanks to improved customer satisfaction stemming from high quality, high availability in-venue mobile service.

  • Gain market share as a result of offering superior mobile service where customers most want it.

  • Unburden your macro network infrastructure by tapping into more efficient Force12 in-venue systems.


Property owner and tenant benefits

  • Avoid 100% of the CAPEX, technological complexity and management headaches associated with multi-operator in-venue infrastructure.

  • Ensure your clients', employees' and guests' complete satisfaction with their mobile service, no matter which mobile network operator they subscribe to.

  • Improve employee effectiveness and efficiency thanks to high quality mobile service availability.

  • In retail environments, stimulate customer visits and improve "dwell" rates, thereby increasing average revenue per square meter.

  • Receive valuable ancillary venue upgrades from Force12 such as increased WiFi, fiber and power capacity.