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Force12 Networks, Inc. is a new kind of mobile service company.  We fill the rapidly growing gap between customer demands for mobile service at all times and everyplace and the limited capabilities of mobile network operators to provide this level of service.

To fill this gap, we deploy, own and operate leading edge in-venue mobile networks on behalf of multiple operators.  This shared approach is the only cost effective means by which to satisfy constantly growing customer expectations and service consumption.

power to overcome your in-building wireless challenge 


Force12 Networks is a new kind of company. We help mobile network operators, venue owners and tenants profit from, rather than be engulfed by, the storm in mobile data consumption paired with relentlessly increasing user expectations for always-on-everywhere mobile connectivity.


How we do it

Force12 strikes agreements with commercial property owners and tenants. Then we design, deploy, own and operate a shared in-venue system per location on behalf of multiple mobile network operators. The resulting improvement in mobile service satisfies users' expectations, increases traffic, improves occupancy rates and delivers healthy ROI to all of our partners.

Where we operate

Based in the United States, Force12 Networks is currently introducing its shared in-venue mobile network solutions in the United States and selected Latin American countries during 2019.

About the name

The most extreme classification on the Beaufort Scale, Force 12 signifies hurricane conditions at sea, with winds over 64 knots, waves over 45 ft and sea completely white with driving spray. We chose the name as an expression of the forces influencing today's mobile ecosystem and the powerful solutions we bring to bear for the benefit of our partners.